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From Diane Kazer
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach & Breast Implant Illness Warrior. 

Hey Sister, let us ask you a question or three…

Do you feel drained of energy all the time even when you do get “enough” sleep and coffee only seems to make it worse?

Since having implants (or maybe before) do you struggle with issues like skin dryness, acne, psoriasis, eczema, mystery rashes or hair loss and none of the potions or supplements you’ve tried do anything?

Do you struggle with painful periods or PMS that knocks you out for weeks leaving you operating at full strength for just a few days a month?

Do you feel like your emotions are all over the place where the slightest thing can send you into a flood of tears, a fit of anxiety or questioning “what’s the point of it all” when normally you’re the one who brings the light?

Do you worry about a health condition that you were diagnosed with, like thyroid disease or Hashimoto's, and feel like the medication isn't just NOT helping but making you feel worse?

Do you recoil at the thought of sex with your partner because it feels like a chore but then secretly worry if your lack of desire paired with your seemingly never ending symptoms are driving a wedge between you both?

Does your brain often feel foggy where you find yourself dropping words, forgetting names, feeling overwhelmed by too much noise or “chatter” and now struggle to work at the pace that you used to?

Do you have unexplained joint pain or muscle soreness that makes you feel like you’ve aged by 20 years and working out or lifting weights wipes you out for a whole day - no matter how “light” you go?

Well it doesn’t matter which one is a "yes" for you because here’s the thing...

(and you probably know it by now, but we’re gonna say it anyway)
Breast Implants are Toxic
 Breast implants are endocrine disruptors and immune system disregulators that cause a state of metabolic chaos in which every system of the body begins to break down, resulting in symptoms.

But here’s the other thing you may not yet be aware of…

Whilst the Breast Implants may have been a significant source of toxicity that compounded and accelerated your symptoms, they weren’t necessarily the starting point for them. 
The body is bio-logical
Which means it’s simply trying to "make sense of", cope and adapt to the stress, trauma and "information"  it’s been receiving over your lifetime...

So you see, the root of your symptoms may have been developing for years beforehand and covered over by taking medications or may have simply gone unnoticed, undiagnosed or shrugged off as something you just have to “deal with” (such as painful periods, chronic fatigue, joint pain or anxiety).

Breast Implants were just the final toxic, stress and emotional load that tipped your body over the edge.

So it doesn’t matter which specific symptom or “diagnosis” that your body is using to communicate with you - if you don’t address the underlying root cause that’s intelligently creating ALL of your symptoms as a smart, adaptive response to try and keep you alive…you’ll forever be chasing symptoms instead of returning to the full & vibrant health that you were designed to experience. 

So even if you didn’t have any health concerns before getting implants, if you’ve had any silicone and/or saline implant in your body, the toxins from those implants bleed into our bodies from DAY ONE of implantation.

Which means that Silicone, saline and 30+ Other toxins and Heavy Metals migrate to our lymph nodes, liver and brain creating havoc… that is, until you safely and sequentially assist the body to remove both the toxins and the stress & correlated emotions that created the dis-ease in the first place. 
Truth Time: You can't just deal with the body
 to truly heal the body
Which is exactly why our approach takes into consideration the WHOLE of you.

Mind. Body and Spirit. 

Because here's the thing -  every symptom can be tied back to a gut, hormone or emotion issue so you need to address ALL of them in order to thrive. 

We call this approach: CHI 
Because true and lasting health is only created when ALL of you is operating in sync. 
That's why we fuse Advanced Functional Diagnostic Labs, Cellular Detox Protocols and Customized Nutrition alongside Transformational Mindset Coaching to Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Hormones and Ignite Your Life. 
SO if right now, even after Explant Surgery, you find yourself:

Bouncing between Functional medicine doctors, specialists, therapists and even naturopaths but you’re still no closer to feeling better.

Constantly being told that “your labs look fine” but you KNOW there’s something deeper going on

Spending thousands of dollars on doctors, treatments, supplements, operations, and labs but still feel like it’s all guesswork and nobody really understands what’s going on for you...

Then we can help. 

We are the coaches behind some of the world's top health & wellness pros
And having now supported countless doctors, nurses, health coaches, athletes, trainers, intuitive healers, entrepreneurs and now Breast Implant Illness Warriors to regain their health when nobody else could, we’re confident in saying we’re pretty damn good at what we do. 

But in order for anything that we share to work, there's something you've got to know straight out of the gates...
 YOU are your #1 asset. 
And when you’re not operating at your full potential - it’s nearly impossible to be making the kind of impact you’re really here to make.
So, if you’re:

> DONE with waiting for life to "take off someday" and you’re ready to take YOUR health into YOUR hands so you never again have to face this struggle with your body. 

> COACHABLE, open minded, self-aware and ready to DO what’s needed in order to see results in your body and a radical shift in your BEING when you've got the right support and direction that you need.

Then we invite you to schedule a completely FREE  Breakthrough Call where we’ll help you get to the root of what’s causing your symptoms and craft a powerful plan to transform your health for good.

Here’s how it works...
First and foremost, we’ll hop the phone and talk about what’s trying to get your attention in the language of symptoms. 

We’ll take a look at what’s going on, what you’re doing, and most importantly - we’ll have an honest conversation about what you actually WANT going forward.

Once we have those “raw materials”, we’ll dive into the key areas that’ll provide the biggest growth for you. 

For example, we might uncover what you really want to be doing in life but aren’t, because you’re not sure you “can” or “should”. 

Perhaps we’ll talk about relationships and see that what’s happening on the outside (or in the bedroom) is a giant mirror for what’s really going on inside you… but you don’t dare voice it. 

Maybe we’ll end up talking about what was going on for you before you had implants and discover that the belief systems that had you get implants in the first place, hold the key to accessing an all new level of confidence and self-worth that implants could never provide.

Now wouldn’t that be something?

And like I said, there’s no charge for this...

But here’s the thing, 
This is NOT for Everybody. 
Obviously we get a lot of interest in this call, and whilst this opportunity is FREE, getting our help is going to mean making a financial investment and more importantly… a powerful commitment to move forward into your dream in the form of ACTION, following our direction and showing up for YOURSELF. 
Therefore we’re VERY picky about who we’ll speak with, and have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

> You must be serious about getting to the root of your health issues FOR GOOD and creating permanent results which means you understand that it’s going to take adjustments to your diet, lifestyle and MINDSET for the long-term to get there.  

> You’re actively seeking natural solutions and understand that medications are part of the problem - not your future. 
As such, you’re aware that this isn’t about finding the one "magic supplement", "detox kit" or “diagnosis” that you can swap out for medications or old familiar patterns and magically see it all turn around. 
Simply put: This is going to take active dedication to implement what we teach you. 
We’ll support you all the way, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to want it sister. 

> You must be FUN, coachable and have BIG DREAMS for your life and as such, not be a stranger to investing time, energy and money into yourself to create the results you want in your life because you KNOW that it all comes full circle.
When YOU aren’t operating at your full potential, NOBODY wins. Period. 
However, this is NOT a fit if right now you're...
  • Awaiting explant surgery within the next Month or still researching surgeons.  Our work is specifically for women who are either explanted or want help doing everything in their power to prepare for it. Because in order to properly detox the body you need to first remove the main sources of toxicity. 
  • In research and "I'm thinking about doing something a few months from now" mode. 
  • Struggling with PTFD ("point the finger disorder") where everyone else is to blame for why you're not feeling the way you want or creating the results you seek. 
It’s not because we’re mean - it’s just that maintaining our impressive client success rate is VERY important to us and that means being fiercely protective of who we invite into the program because as they say - your tribe creates your vibe - so it’s important that you’re someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about RESULTS. 

That’s it - if you meet the above requirements, we’re good. 
Here’s what we invite you to do next:
If you meet the criteria above, and you’d like to talk about getting some incredible shifts in your health and getting your VITALITY back, then we'd be will happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s what to do next:

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See what others have experienced while working with us. 

Bayley, Attorney
Detox'ed off Birth Control, Anti-Depressants & Anti-Anxiety Meds,
Restored health & energy from major adrenal fatigue 
Lunden, Health Coach
Cleared Up Cystic Acne, eliminated PMS and mood swings, phased off birth control with no side effects & lost 5lbs of toxic inflammation 
Marissa, Wellness Entrepreneurs
Restored sex drive and recovered from chronic colds, allergies and fatigue in a matter of weeks 
Nettie, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Healed herself from Heartburn, Thyroid Conditions, Hormonal Imbalances and Depression without HRT (when years of therapy didn't help)
Cori, Charge Nurse
After chronic depression for 20yrs, she got off anti-depressents, dropped 20lbs, ignited sex drive and quit her job to follow her passion!
Gina, Restaurant Owner
Eliminated hormonal migraines, balanced thyroid & adrenal hormones, got off all medications with no side-effects & lost 5lbs of inflammation.