It's time to put an END to hormone & symptom chaos,  crack the code to your body’s innate intelligence & become your own best healer.
Step 1: Review our packages
Hey friend, if you've landed on this page it's because you're ready to finally break through with your health and get the clarity you need to see if working together is a hell yes fit. 

In order to make sure this is a great use of your time - these calls are exclusively for those who are interested in getting our in-depth support inside of our CHI Holistic Transformation Detox Programs

Our consultations are of course, obligation free zones, however due to the volume of people looking for support, in order to proceed, please confirm you have reviewed our program details so you are fully informed of the level of support we offer.

Once you're ready to proceed to speaking directly with Diane, click the button at the bottom to schedule your CHI Consultation today. 

Please note: A consultation with Diane is $79, which is fully refundable should you decide to work with us inside one of our CHI Transformation programs.

Our CHI Transformation Detox Package

If you're a man, or seeking support for a child we can also help with custom support packages.


$2k deposit to start / Discounted Pay in Full Options 

  • Lifetime Access To Training Portal - Over 20 hrs of comprehensive training to Detox your body, home and mind. 
  • ​Weekly Support Calls With Diane & her Team of Expert - Get expert guidance, support and all of your questions answered.
  • ​Private Support Forums - Get daily support and accountability from others on a rapid healing journey and also want to learn how to coach self DEEPER or coach others.
  • Assessments & Checklists for you to measure your progress every month & learn to use the to support clients.
  • 90 Day Supplement Kit - Contains 3 Phases for Total Drainage, Gut + Immune Support
  • ​⭐⭐3 * Functional Diagnostic Labs - Get specific data on what’s happening with your hormones, immunity, gut and toxic load with these advanced Functional Diagnostic Labs. 
  • ​⭐⭐ Custom Health Assessment - which will shed light on your health history as well as any emotional, chemical or physical stressors which may be blocking you
  • ​​⭐⭐  Private 1-1 Calls With Diane and our CHI Labs Health Practitioner Experts each one going through a different aspect of your journey from mindset to health.
Here’s what I invite you to do next:
If you've reviewed our CHI Transformation Detox programs and are ready to put an end to symptom chaos, click below to schedule your Consultation with Diane.

Looking for more information or are just getting started on your journey?

No problem - here's a few links to help you find the information you need to get started

1: Check out all the details of our CHI Transformation Detox Programs over here to understand more about how we support clients to create miraculous results with custom labs and detox protocols. 

2: Check out our flagship Warrior Cleanse Program, an incredible place to start your journey.

3: Listen in on the Podcast where you'll get heart-centered advice on bio-hacking, hormone healing, self love, nutrition, mindset PLUS divorcing perfectionism, trauma and toxins that drain your vitality, body and beauty.

Here's to seeing you rise!

Diane & the CHI Team. 

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